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Private tour in Italy with Driver: Travel in Elegance with Codoni Limo Service

private tour in Italy with Driver Codoni
Private tour in Italy with driver

Italy, you know, is probably the best "award" for our life : one time must be knowed for its best-kept secrets, unique blend of breathtaking landscapes, rich historical sites, and authentic Italian culture, all away from the hustle and bustle of the more crowded tourist destinations. This guide invites you to discover Italy in style and comfort with Codoni's exceptional limo services with sedan or van Mercedes.

Why a Private tour in Italy with Codoni Limo service:

Italy is a celebration of beauty, from the sea Adriatic or Tirrenian coastlines to the rolling hills of central Italy (Tuscany, Marche and Umbria) and Alps mountains with a lot of famous places like Cortina, the Dolomites, Livigno and many others. Italy is where art, history, and tradition intertwine, offering something for every traveller; tasting exquisite local cuisine, or relaxing on untouched beaches, Le A Private tour in Italy with Codoni Limo Service presents a tapestry of experiences.

Key Destinations in Italy:

  • Rome: in Italy we tell "Rome is Rome. It's a masterpiece, Discover palaces and churches that echo the past's splendor from the Roman Empire to reinassance

  • Florence: the city of art and beaty, a gem in central Italy, where Medici Family decide to show at the world how Beauty can save our life

  • Amalfi Coast: a place where Nature and art live together and lost our mind viewing sunset with a glass of wine.

  • Frasassi Caves: Experience the underground wonder of the Grotte di Frasassi, one of Europe's most extensive cave systems in Le Marche Region

Italy's Culinary Delights:

a visit in Italy is not complete without indulging in its culinary offerings. From fresh seafood along the coast to robust dishes in the mountains, the italian's food is a reflection of its landscapes. All regions have its specialties and the renowned wines like Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Verdicchio , Pinot .

Experience Italy with Codoni:

Traveling in Italy deserves comfort, style, and a touch of luxury. Codoni, with a decade of experience, offers unparalleled limo services that promise not just a journey, but an experience. Whether you're touring historic sites, attending events, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty, Codoni's fleet of premium vehicles and professional drivers ensure your travels are seamless, comfortable, and utterly luxurious.

  • Reliability: With years of experience in the Marche region, Codoni is synonymous with reliability and excellence.

  • Luxury Fleet: Choose from a range of Mercedes vehicles, ensuring your travel is not just comfortable but done in style.

  • Customized Services: From airport transfers to personalized tours, Codoni tailors its services to meet your unique travel needs in Le Marche.


Italy offers a journey rich with history, culture, and natural beauty. Codoni elevates this experience, ensuring your travels are enveloped in luxury, comfort, and the utmost care. Discover Italy with Codoni and transform your trip into an unforgettable journey.

Book your Private tour in Italy today and uncover the beauty of Italy in unparalleled elegance and comfort.

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